15 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts You May Not Know

You often use keyboard shortcuts when using a computer, but there are very few people who use shortcuts to work on Gmail. However, if you work regularly with Gmail, keep in mind the shortcuts we’ve compiled below to make it easier for you to work with.

Top 15 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are 15 gmail keyboard shortcuts that will help you to manage your emails effectively.

Before proceeding, make sure keyboard shortcuts are actived:

Step 1. Login to Gmail Inbox.

Step 2. Click the gear () in the top-right corner of Gmail and select “Settings

Step 3. On the General tab, under Keyboard shortcuts, select Keyboard shortcuts on.

Step 4. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

Manage main Gmail window

G” then “I”: Go to inbox (Inbox).

G” then “S”: Go to starred conversation (Starred).

G” then “A”: Go to all mail (All mails)

G” then “C”: Go to contact list (Contact)

/”: search inbox and quickly put cursor in the search tab.

Manage single message

J”: Move to next (older) email or conversation

K”: Move to previous (newer) e-mail or conversation

P”: Move to previous part of conversation in message

N”: Move to next part of conversation in message

Manage message list

X”: Select or unselect email/conversation marked

S”: Star or unstar message

#”: Delete selected message

E”: Archive selected messages

!”: Mark selected messages as spam

Enter”: Open message

Above are some shortcuts for you to work with Gmail faster. Hopefully with this article will help everyone to use Gmail conveniently and save the most time.

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