Gmail Sign up – Create a New Gmail Account

You need to sign up for Gmail, create a new Gmail account to receive and send emails, but do not know how. The guide below will help you create the fastest Gmail account, with Gmail account, you can use the Google services like Youtube, Google Docx, Google +, Google Hangouts

Gmail is like many popular mail services such as Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, but Gmail is the most popular service today. If you are the first time to use Gmail, please refer to the article below to know how to sign up gmail in the simplest way even if you do not know much about computers.

How to sign up for a new Gmail account

Just like creating a Hotmail account, Gmail sign up and creating a Gmail account is as simple as a few steps below.

Step 1: Visit HERE to register for Gmail. The next step in the Gmail signup section is important, you need to follow this tutorial.

Sign up for Gmail to send and receive emails, access Google services, Facebook

 Step 2: Set up personal information for your Gmail account.

Name: Include your first name and last name.

Choose your username: Enter the name of the Gmail account you want to create. (Enter account name is not used, if the name is used Gmail will notify you immediately)

Create a password: Create a password for your gmail account.

Confirm your password: Confirm the password entered above (requires this password must match the password in the Create a password)

Birthday: Enter the date of birth exactly, if your age is less than 16, Google could not create your account

In order to have a Google Account, you must meet certain age requirements. To learn more about online child safety, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

Gender: Select your gender.

Mobile phone: Enter your phone number. If you don’t enter the phone number or phone number you used too many times, you cann’t create gmail.

Your current email address: Enter your current email address (optional).

Location: The country you are living in.

Click Next Step to continue.

Note the gmail password: When signing up for Gmail, you should think and set the password for your Gmail account, avoid that you set up Gmail and then forget the password. However, if you forget it, you can still recover gmail passwords easily.

Passwords should contain numbers, letters, capital letters, and special characters. Avoid simple passwords such as: Full name, date of birth, phone number, …

Gmail registration is easy through a few simple steps

Next, after selecting Next Step, immediately a Gmail Terms of Use will appear, drag the mouse over and select I Agree.

Select I AGREE to agree terms of use.

You must enter the phone number one more time to confirm your account. Verification code will be sent to your phone, enter them to complete the registration.

Confirm Your Mobile Number and select mode of sending the verification code and click on Send Code

Step 3: Sign up for gmail successfully, click Continue to Gmail to access your Gmail mailbox.

Click Continue to Gmail to access your Gmail mailbox.

This is the gmail account you just created, in this new account will have 3 mail sent by Gmail to welcome you using your Gmail account.

Welcome mail sent by Google

You have created yourself a successful Gmail account, use this account to send and receive Email, and experience the most attractive services of Google.

Now that Gmail is available on mobile devices, signing up for gmail on the phone is as simple as signing up on a computer. Once created, you can also send and receive emails normally.

How to sign up a Gmail account on mobile phone

Follow the steps below to learn how to create a Gmail account on Android phone, iPhone, Windows Phone, and you’ll first need to download the Gmail app to your device:

Step 1: Open your web browser, go to and then select Create an account.

Step 2: In the registration form, enter the correct information including name, email address and password. In addition, both date of birth and phone number must also be entered correctly to verify the account and then click Next Step.

Step 3: After you have finished creating gmail, click Next to create the profile and start to use gmail.

Step 4: Finally, you have successfully created a personal account to use to send and receive mail as you wish.

How to register gmail with Bluestack

Create new Gmail account with Bluestacks

Step 1: First, your computer must have the latest BlueStacks version.

BlueStacks is currently considered the best Android emulator on your computer, so you can use the latest version from the publisher, you can download and install this software BlueStacks here.

Step 2: After downloading and installing Bluestacks on your computer, open your Bluestacks and select All Apps.


Step 3: Click Settings

Click on Bluestacks Setting

Step 4: Then click Manage Accounts.

Step 5: You choose New.

Tap New to create new Gmail account

Step 6: Type your First name and Last name.


Step 7: Type email address (username) of the Gmail account you want to create.

Step 8: Type your password and Re-type password.

Step 9: This is the step to set up password recovery, you can select Not now to skip this step.

Tap Not now to skip this step

Step 10: Select Next to allow Google to automatically back up data to your Gmail Account.

Step 11: Tap I accept to the Google Term of Service, Privacy Policy and Google Play Term of Service.

Now, your device is contacting Google to save information to your account. This can take up to 3 minutes.

Step 12: Now type the characters in the captcha picture under prove you’re NOT a robot.

Step 13: Tap SKIP to skip set up payment info step.

Such you have completed the process of registering your Gmail account with Bluestacks.

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