Introduction to Gmail Interface

To start, you need to visit The system will require you to log in. You enter your account and password. Clicking “Log in”, you will be directed to the interface of the inbox like this:

Inbox Interface of Gmail

(1) Gmail’s Menu

This section helps you transition among the interface of: Inbox, Starred (marked as important), Sent mail, Drafts (unfinished Mails). There are some other menus but these are the 4 most commonly used menus.

If you just start using Gmail, you only need to care about these 4 menus.

When you select a menu, the content (2) part will list the mails of that menu. It is very simple, isn’t it?


 (2) This is the section containing the Mail headers.

Assumedly, Mails in the Inbox are sorted by time of receipt. The lattest mail will be  at the top of the Inbox. Unread mails are highlighted in bold, the read mails are normal. Clicking the Mail header, you will go to the page containing the full text of the mail to read. This part is also quite simple.

(3) The classification of Mails by social attributes

This function has appeared since 2014. This is a new function of Gmail. This function will automatically categorize the mails according to their social attribute. Looking at the headings of the tabs you may know that there are 3 original tabs: Main (messages from ordinary senders), social (notifications from social networks like Facebook, Google plus …),  Advertisment (mails coming from the web site or selling service with commercial purposes)

At the end of the last tab there is an additional button +. Click that button and you can adjust which tabs you want to hide.

(4) Search Mails

There is a simple textbox that helps you find mails faster. When you type a word, Gmail will find all the mails that contain the keywords you type and gives you the results including mails with headings, content, signatures … containing the keywords you type. Gmail can search by both recipient’s and sender’s address.

(5) Paging and installation of percussion

When your mailbox contains more than 50 mails, Gmail will page your mailbox. Because of the default, Gmail only shows the 50 latest mails. If you want to see more recent mails, Click the left-right arrow to go to the previous or next page.


In addition to the Paging function is the other languages typing setting function.

You will use this function when your computer is not installed with your language’s input mode.

As you can see in the picture, the most common typing mode that people use is “English”.

(6) Select mails quickly and do different tasks

In the highlighted areas in section 6, you can select or deselect the mails quickly according to different criteria such as All mail, unread, read, starred … Then you can many other tasks by clicking the buttons such as save, report spam, delete, mark as unread or read … All of the tasks are very convenient and easy.

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