Useful tips to use Gmail more effectively

Here is great features of Gmail. You probably know a lot about Gmail, but not everyone knows about this features.

Useful tips to use Gmail more effectively

Search Mail in Gmail

Gmail is one product of Google-the most effective searching tool currently used, so it can integrate different specialized searching functions to make it easier for users to use. First, you need to log in Gmail, then if you want to find words or phrases, you will type the words or phrases in “Search box” to find messages or to use other terms to search more efficiently.

Search by Date in Gmail

    • From:[email protected] – Search for email address and sender name using From filed.
    • Search for email subjects using the Subject field.
    • Search emails’ sent date using the Date within fields.
    • subject: – Search the Subject line.
    • is:buzz – Search Gmail for Google Buzz posts.

Search Unread Messages

  • Is:unread: show all messages/emails that you haven’t read/opened.
  • Has:attachment: show emails that include attachments/files.
  • In:sent abc: Show all email sent containing the word “abc”.
  • is:chat – Search Gmail for chat logs.
  • etc…


Use Keyboard shortcuts

When you log in Gmail, you can use these Keyboard shortcuts to do faster.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts -That make Easy to Use Gmail

Press “n” or “p“: Switch between the conversations available, if you find the conversation you want to see, then stop and press Enter.

  • Ctrl + Enter: Send Email
  • Ctrl + Shift + C: Point to CC box to add more Email recipients

Go to Settings, tick “Keyboard Shortcuts On” to activate and use the following Keyboard shortcuts:

  • C“: Compose new email
  • D“: Compose Email in new tab
  • /“: Place the cursor in the search box
  • S“: Mark “Special” for selected Emails
  • +“: Mark “Important” for Emails

These Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail will help you compose and send your messages more quickly.

Use Tab Interface in Gmail

Gmail, which integrates different functions allows you to use these Tab Interfaces in the Inbox of these following tabs: Primary (Important); Social; Promotions (Advertising); Forum (forum), which corresponds to the emails sent to these tabs. In addition, you can customize these tabs in the Settings section.

Select tabs to enable

For example: Emails which are sent from social network Facebook, Twitter are inserted Social tab …

Use the “Quick Action” Button

The “Quick Action button” helps you work faster when you want to see details of online orders… You only need to click on “View Order” or “Track Package” to check if the orders have arrived. In addition, you can use it to rate restaurants you’ve been to or change your order information, etc.

Using Quick Action buttons

Sort Your Emails

Normally, Emails in Gmail will be sorted in order of temporal priority, the latest emails will be on the top. You can change this arrangement by the logging in the interface on laptop, then going to Settings -> Inbox. Then, click on the “Drop down Menu” in the “Inbox type” and select one of the 4 sorting options

Important First: Sort by importance of Mails

Unread First: Sort by Unread messages

Starred First: Sort by Starred mail

Priority Inbox: Sort by messages’ appearance in the inbox

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